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About Us

Learn more about HLTH Training, and the wider HLTH Group.

Our Vision & Values.

HLTH Group is the UK’s leading provider of healthcare compliance solutions, leading in business-critical areas such as CQC Training, Recruitment, HR, Marketing and Compliance services.

We provide industry-leading, innovative and multi-functional compliance services in order to support healthcare providers in tackling their current and future challenges. Our collective experience within the sector ensures that we deliver an industry-leading suite of business-critical healthcare compliance solutions for all CQC-regulated providers.

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Meeting the Challenges of the Healthcare Sector.

The choices made within the next 5 to 10 years will define our healthcare sector for a generation. We are already seeing an increased pressure on the NHS, and by extension on the wider healthcare sector. This will lead to an influx of new healthcare providers to meet the demand, which in turn will lead to increased scrutiny from the Care Quality Commission towards these healthcare providers and the rapid modernisation of their approach to meet demand.

That’s where the HLTH Group comes in, as we are always one or more steps ahead of the framework and regulatory changes of the Care Quality Commission, and the wider evolution of the healthcare sector. With our innovative, software-enabled suite of compliance solutions designed to ensure that healthcare providers are comprehensively protected and supported now and in the future. 

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