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We’ve compiled a list of our frequently asked questions to assist you. If there’s anything we haven’t covered, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. We’re here and eager to help!

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HLTH Group is the UK’s leading provider of healthcare HR, Health & Safety, and compliance solutions, leading in business-critical areas such as HR, CQC Compliance, Health & Safety, CQC Software, Recruitment, Training, Marketing and Compliance services. We provide industry-leading, innovative and multi-functional HR and CQC compliance services in order to support healthcare providers in tackling their current and future challenges. Our collective experience within the sector ensures that we deliver an industry-leading suite of business-critical healthcare compliance solutions for all CQC-regulated providers.

We primarily work with CQC-regulated providers in England, CIW-regulated providers in Wales, and CIS-regulated providers in Scotland. We also work with the entire spectrum of healthcare providers from across various sectors, including Primary Care, Acute Care, Adult Social Care, and more. If you fall under a healthcare regulatory, we are here to help.

Yes, we provide expert consultancy for international providers looking to enter the UK market or improve their compliance and governance performance globally, including in Europe, North America, Scandinavia, and the Middle East.

We deliver industry-leading, innovative, and multi-functional HR and CQC compliance services with a clinically led team, ensuring the highest quality support for CQC-regulated providers. When you work with the HLTH Group, you have access to an entire team of CQC experts, including former CQC inspectors, clinicians and healthcare professionals.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, including healthcare HR support, CQC compliance, Health & Safety, CQC software, interim and crisis management, training events, and additional compliance support. We are adaptable to your requirements – if you are under a healthcare regulator, we can support.

Yes, we offer CQC In-Person Training to help healthcare providers meet CQC regulatory requirements and improve their staff’s skills and knowledge. Tony Carlin, our Head of Compliance and Training, is one of the UK’s leading CQC trainers and experts, and has delivered hundreds of sessions around healthcare regulatory compliance.

CQC Audits and Mock Inspections are conducted to assess a provider’s compliance with CQC standards. We offer auditing services to help providers identify areas of improvement and meet regulatory requirements. These audits are conducted primarily by former CQC inspectors, who can provide not only feedback, but recommendations for improvement.

Our On-Site Compliance Support services help providers navigate compliance challenges and implement necessary changes on-site to meet CQC regulations effectively. This support can be varied and we ensure that we tailor our support to meet your exact requirements.

We provide CQC Enforcement Action Support to guide providers through regulatory enforcement actions and help them make necessary improvements. We are experts in this space, and we partner with CQC-specialist solicitors to ensure you are receiving the exact support and guidance you require.

Yes, we offer CQC Crisis Support to assist providers during critical situations and help them regain compliance and stability. Our CQC Crisis Support can be engaged in a variety of scenarios, whether you have received CQC Enforcement Action or a CQC Notice, if you’ve received a ‘Requires Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’ at a recent inspection, of if your Registered Manager has left your organisation and has underperformed.

We organise CQC Conferences to provide insights, updates, and best practices in healthcare compliance to help providers stay informed and improve their services. We engage speakers from across the sector to deliver important updates to our audience, as well as ensuring we are providing practical CQC training and advice to our delegates.

Post-Inspection Support helps providers address issues identified during CQC inspections and implement necessary changes to maintain compliance. This support is delivered by our Compliance team and typically revolves around the hands-on delivery of an action plan based on the feedback of the healthcare regulator and our own impartial assessment.

HLTH Manage is our CQC Compliance and HR software, designed to streamline compliance processes, evidencing, inspection-preparedness and HR management, making it easier for providers to meet regulatory requirements. It has been designed by our team of former CQC inspectors, healthcare professionals and clinicians. Compliance and HR go hand-in-hand, and our system is based around the CQC Single Assessment Framework, ensuring that you are always prepared for your next CQC inspection.

Change can sometimes be sudden – our Interim Management and Enforcement Support Team is here to assist you during times of transition. Whether your business is in crisis, or you require an Interim Manager to cover sudden leave or departure, we can help. Our experienced, clinically-led Interim Manager team at HLTH Group can place an exceptional short-term manager to provide you with the high-quality interim support you need.

Yes, we assist healthcare providers in recruiting permanent registered managers, ensuring they have qualified and capable leadership. Our recruitment team has extensive experience in the UK healthcare sector, working with providers of all sizes and specialisms. We are not just recruitment experts; we have been in the midst of it all and we have a detailed understanding of the complex world of healthcare.

New Provider Support is designed to help healthcare providers entering the industry with guidance and support to ensure a effective and efficient setup process.

We offer Healthcare HR Setup Support to help providers establish effective HR systems, ensuring smooth operations and compliance. We have an internal team that are highly-experienced in delivering HR support for new and existing healthcare providers. Whether you are looking to engage our team for Fixed Fee support or project, we are ready and available to support.

Fixed Fee HR is a service that provides predictable HR costs, allowing providers to budget effectively while receiving essential HR support. We understand the challenges healthcare providers face when it comes to managing their workforce while complying with employment laws and HR best practices. Employee issues can place significant strain on management time and resources, and the consequences of non-compliance can be daunting. That’s why we offer a comprehensive fixed-fee Employment Law & HR support service, tailored specifically for CQC-regulated healthcare providers.

Special Measures Support assists providers in addressing critical issues identified by the CQC, guiding them toward improvement. If you are a healthcare provider, receiving a ‘Special Measures’ designation from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a critical juncture that demands immediate, comprehensive, and proactive action. It signifies that a healthcare provider has fallen below the threshold of acceptable quality, and the consequences of inaction can be severe. At HLTH Group, we understand the gravity of this situation and are here to provide specialised support tailored to the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers in ‘Special Measures’.

We are the UK’s leading provider of healthcare compliance solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of services and a clinically led team to ensure your success in meeting regulatory requirements and addressing healthcare challenges.