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Tribunal Services

Expert Support from HLTH Group

Facing an employment tribunal is an unsettling experience that no healthcare provider wants to encounter. At HLTH Group, in collaboration with our legal partners, we provide comprehensive Employment Tribunal Services to support CQC-regulated providers of all sizes throughout the UK.

Our aim is to assist you in navigating the complexities of the employment tribunal process, ensuring a smooth and efficient resolution while safeguarding your business’s interests.

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Avoiding Employment Disputes with Proactive Compliance

Preventing employment disputes is a priority for every healthcare organisation. Our HR & Employment Law specialists work closely with you to ensure your business is fully compliant with UK Employment Law. By implementing the right policies and procedures, we strive to avoid disputes from escalating to the tribunal stage.

Should any workplace issues arise, our experts will provide top-tier support to address them promptly and effectively.

How Employment Tribunals Work

Employment tribunals are legal hearings for resolving employment disputes. Common claim categories include unfair dismissal, discrimination, contract breaches, and more. Prior to lodging a claim at the employment tribunal, prospective claimants are required to engage in Acas early conciliation—an opportunity for parties to discuss and potentially resolve issues with the assistance of an Acas conciliator. Our HR & Employment Law team can support you throughout this process, aiming to reach a successful resolution out of court and saving you time and money.

Our Employment Tribunal Services:

    1. Expert Representation: Standing before a tribunal can be daunting. Our highly-experienced tribunal advocates will stand by your side, providing expert representation throughout the proceedings.
    2. Response to the Claim: We will draft and file your response to the claim, ensuring that your position is clearly and comprehensively presented.
    3. Preliminary Hearing Support: If required, we will guide you through the preliminary hearing process, making sure you are well-prepared for this crucial stage.
    4. Document Disclosure: We will assist in disclosing relevant documents to support your case and comply with tribunal requirements.
    5. Counter Schedule of Loss: Should the need arise, we will prepare a counter schedule of loss to defend your interests effectively.

Avoiding the Financial Impact of Tribunals

Employment tribunal costs can be substantial, including penalties imposed on employers found to have breached an employee’s rights with aggravating features. As part of our Employment Tribunal Services, we provide proactive support to help you avoid costly tribunal situations. In the unlikely event that you do face a tribunal claim, our advice guarantee ensures we provide you with financial and legal support.

Partnering with HLTH Group and CQC-specialist solicitors for Employment Tribunal Services

At HLTH Group, we understand the intricacies of the healthcare industry and the unique challenges healthcare providers encounter. Through our partnership with CQC-specialist solicitors, we offer a comprehensive solution to address your employment tribunal needs, ensuring you receive expert advice and robust representation throughout the process.

Avoid the stress and financial strain of employment tribunals with the support of HLTH Group and CQC-specialist solicitors. Contact us today to learn more about our Employment Tribunal Services and how we can help protect your healthcare organisation’s interests while promoting a harmonious work environment.