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Occupational Health

Occupational Health Delivered by GPs and Clinical Nurses.

We are proud to offer exceptional occupational health services to ensure you are remaining compliant with statuary workplace laws and successfully managing the health and wellbeing of your staff.

HLTH At Work are a team of trusted professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in occupational health. We support a large variety of healthcare businesses in their occupational health strategies, and have years of industry experience and insights to offer.

Our team are managed by Dr Atif Ghaffar – a respected GP and occupational health specialist who has supported organisations of all sizes to develop exceptional occupational health strategies. Atif works closely with our team and ensures we always provide the full package of tools and guidance our clients need to be compliant and motivational employers.

As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to prevent physical and mental ill health in your staff that might arise from your business activities. We ensure you are taking all the legal and practical steps to safeguard and support both your employees and your business. Our team are passionate about removing the worry many employers feel around their legal compliance with occupational health measures.

With our industry leading guidance, you will reap the benefits of a successful occupational health strategy and be secure in the knowledge that you are effectively managing your workforce’s needs. We provide legal guidance, bespoke company policies and action points, reasonable adjustment support, stress management strategies, discrimination and victimisation policies, staff mental health support measures, wellness initiative guidance, and more. 

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We believe in the importance of viewing occupational health holistically.

Not only do we ensure that you are remaining compliant and maintaining your legal duty of care to staff, but we also believe in the importance of viewing occupational health holistically, and offer innovative personal welfare solutions to our clients. We are passionate about ensuring you have the solutions for both legal risk management and employee satisfaction and well-being.

We bespoke our support to every business we work with, understanding that every healthcare service and its staff are incredibly unique, and require a unique solution to their occupational health needs. If you have a specific concern or query, we go the extra mile to ensure you are supported and have the best solution to the matter.

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Make HR Easy.

HLTH At Work provides you with the peace of mind that you are in line with the law and providing exceptional health and wellness support for your staff.

We create an occupational health strategy that is bespoke to your business and considers both employee safety and job satisfaction. This results in a workforce that is not only safe, but also motivated, happy, and able to deliver the best care they can to your service users.

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