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Mock CQC Inspections

At HLTH Group, we understand the anxiety that can arise from the thought of an upcoming CQC inspection. The pressures and expectations associated with maintaining compliance and high standards can be overwhelming.
That’s why we work with CQC-regulated providers from across the healthcare sector to deliver Mock CQC Inspections, ensuring that they are fully prepared when the CQC arrives. Our goal is to transform apprehension into confidence through thorough preparation and expert guidance.


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When delivering Mock CQC Inspections, we provide:


On-Site CQC-Style Assessment of Service:

Our experienced team conducts a comprehensive, on-site assessment of your service, mirroring the actual procedures and criteria used by the CQC. This approach allows us to identify strengths and areas for improvement with precision.

Indicative CQC Rating:

Following our detailed assessment, we provide you with an indicative CQC rating. This helps you gauge where your service currently stands in relation to CQC standards and what can be done to improve your rating before the official inspection.

In-Line With CQC Single Assessment Framework:

Our inspections are meticulously aligned with the CQC’s Single Assessment Framework. This ensures that our evaluation is consistent with the latest regulatory standards and inspection criteria, providing you with accurate and relevant feedback.

Focus On Your Areas of Concern:

We tailor our inspections to focus on the specific areas that concern you the most. Whether it’s patient safety, leadership, or quality of care, our team hones in on these critical aspects to provide targeted insights and recommendations.

In-Depth Recommendations for Improvement:

Post-inspection, we deliver detailed recommendations for improvement. These actionable insights are designed to help you enhance service quality, address compliance issues, and ultimately achieve a better CQC rating.

Delivered by Experienced Former CQC Inspectors, Advisors, and Experts:

Our team comprises former CQC inspectors, advisors, and compliance experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience. Their insights and expertise are invaluable in guiding your service through the preparation process.

Impartial Third-Party Assessment:

As an impartial third party, we offer an unbiased perspective on your service’s compliance status. This objectivity ensures that our feedback is both honest and constructive, helping you to make necessary improvements without internal bias.

Collaborative Action Plan Production:

We don’t just leave you with a list of recommendations; we work with you to create a collaborative action plan. This plan outlines clear, achievable steps to address identified issues and improve your service, providing you with a structured pathway to success.

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As a team comprised of former CQC inspectors, clinicians, CQC Registered Managers, and CQC compliance experts, we are on hand to provide expert-led, responsive support for all providers in the healthcare sector. Our combined expertise and commitment to quality ensure that you receive the best possible guidance and support throughout the mock inspection process.
Our Mock CQC Inspections are designed to alleviate the stress associated with CQC inspections by providing a thorough, realistic, and constructive assessment of your service. By partnering with HLTH Group, you can approach your next CQC inspection with confidence, knowing that you have received the best possible preparation and support.
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