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Governance and Reporting

HLTH Manage System

Governance and Reporting.

A culture of support and kindness forms the heart of outstanding healthcare organisations, and such is key to delivering a quality service. However, this must be underpinned by up-to-date, compliant governance structures – which HLTH Manage system enables you to maintain.
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Our system is a central hub from which your service’s important documents and processes can be accessed by your team, ensuring your policies are understood and followed by all staff and across all sites. 

Plus, our expert videos and training matrix mean you can be assured that staff are all completely up to date on training and are maintaining compliant practices. The system notifies you when any aspect of staff training, policies, and protocols is due for review – so you never have to worry about falling behind.

You will also receive a weekly compliance report on the system, which lists all items due for renewal over the next 4 weeks. This allows you to plan ahead, and ensure you are always on top of your quality assurance requirements.

Outstanding governance is also supported by the system’s functionality to manage and generate audit reports. You can use these to assess whether your processes are correctly followed and service targets achieved. Where these are lacking, you can proactively take the steps to amend these and generate evidence of how you do this – something the CQC are always highly impressed with.


Protect your brand

Evidence compliance clearly

One central source of truth

Assurance staff are up to date

Digital audits with automatic action plan

“HLTH Manage has been an excellent CQC Compliance System for our Care Home, and we cannot recommend it enough to all providers. We have been using HLTH Manage for over 2 years now, and it has significantly improved the efficiency of our governance and documentation processes.”

– Hengoed Park Care Home

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