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Healthcare HR

People Focused HR Solutions, Delivered by Healthcare Experts.

At HLTH HR we provide purpose-built HR software and expert support to healthcare providers nationwide, ensuring they successfully optimise their management of staff and HR processes. We understand the high-stake expectations of HR leaders in the healthcare sector, and are passionate about taking the worry out of HR compliance and supporting you to streamline your systems.

You can use the HLTH HR system to upload and manage information such as hiring, training, annual leave management, logistics management, employee management, discipline management, compliance and legality, and more. The HLTH HR system is accessed via HLTH Manage, the UK’s leading CQC Compliance Software, and is custom built to guide the most Effective management strategies in the healthcare world.

In addition to market leading software with a package of incredible HR tools, HLTH HR also provides the expert support you need to remain legally compliant with your obligations as an employer, allowing you to use HR law to your benefit. When you have Safe and Effective HR systems, you can manage your staff more easily, improve employee satisfaction and wellbeing, and positively impact the care your service users receive. HLTH HR are here to ensure your HR system is not only legally compliant, but that it is also beneficial to everyone in your organisation.

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Our dedicated team are passionate about providing exceptional, high quality HR support to our clients nationwide.

Our dedicated team are passionate about providing exceptional, high quality HR support to our clients nationwide. We have years of experience specialising in healthcare human resourcing and understand the specific demands of the sector. We ensure we deliver the best 1:1 guidance so you can not only manage, but optimise your staff management through the HLTH HR system. Our team are led by Tamrryn Booth, a respected HR professional with expertise in both Human Resourcing and Compliance, having dedicated many years to supporting the HR and overall compliance of healthcare providers nationally.

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Make HR Easy.

To run a successful healthcare service, HR needs to be a high priority for management.

HR leaders within healthcare carry a huge amount of responsibility, as their role not only includes the HR responsibilities regarding their staff, but also inevitably encompasses patients who are receiving care. Using an expert solution like HLTH HR removes the worry out of your HR processes, enabling you to streamline and manage your staff needs and ensure you are consistently Well-Led and Safe. By managing your staff through our leading healthcare HR toolkit, you can innovate your HR processes, improve your ways of working, and successfully manage your workforce.

HLTH HR is your all-in-one solution to effectively manage your staff and remain legally compliant in your HR processes. We are proud to be market leaders in the healthcare HR industry, and we will ensure you have all the tools and support you need to thrive in your HR systems.

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