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Interim and CQC Crisis Support

Are you facing CQC enforcement action or have you had a disappointing CQC inspection? Our CQC crisis team specialises in supporting healthcare providers who are undergoing a CQC investigation, have received a CQC Notice of Proposal, or have received a ‘Requires Improvement’ or an ‘Inadequate’ CQC rating.

HLTH Group is the UK’s leading provider of healthcare compliance solutions, leading in critical areas such as Interim Management Support, CQC Turnaround and CQC Crisis Support. 

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Interim and CQC Crisis Support

When times are tough, the HLTH Group are on-hand to support healthcare providers through difficult periods – including CQC Notices and Enforcement Action, ‘Inadequate’ CQC Ratings, and the sudden departure of Registered Managers.

Each day, CQC-regulated providers contact our team to seek immediate and urgent support. Our nationwide team of CQC experts are always ready to provide proactive, dedicated support:

✅Leadership Team Introduction
✅Initial Scope of Support
✅On-Site Within 24 hours
✅Impartial Service Assessment
✅Action Plan Produced and Delivered
✅Long-Term Compliance Partnership
✅Peace of Mind

Whether your Registered Manager has left unexpectedly, or you have received a ‘Requires Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’ in a recent inspection, our team are here to respond proactively with expert support.

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Former CQC Inspectors, Healthcare Professionals, Clinicians

We provide industry-leading, innovative, and multi-functional compliance services in order to support healthcare providers in tackling their current and future challenges. Our collective experience within the sector ensures that we deliver an industry-leading suite of business-critical healthcare compliance solutions for all CQC-regulated providers. Whether you need an interim manager to fill a vacant role, cover a manager’s maternity leave, address a short-term absence, or manage a specific project, our team of seasoned experts possesses substantial management expertise acquired throughout the healthcare sector.

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Solutions Within 24 Hours

We understand that in difficult times as a healthcare provider, being proactive is essential. That’s why our team support are on-hand at all times to provide expert advice and guidance. We are approached on a daily basis by healthcare providers seeking support, and our mission is to provide you with a solution within 24 hours. Our comprehensive services include urgent on-site support to ensure we are supporting in responding to a CQC Investigation, a CQC Notice of Proposal or a recent CQC Inspection. Our expert advice is centred around performing to the standards in the CQC 34 Quality Statements. We understand the importance of CQC Statutory Notifications, and our team can help you navigate through CQC Section 31 Notices, CQC Notifications forms, and the list of CQC Notifications relevant to your sector.

We are a team of former CQC inspectors, healthcare professionals, clinicians and CQC experts – and our vision and values are based around being a solutions-focused organisation.

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How Can We Support?

Interim Management Support

Change can sometimes be sudden – and our Interim Management and Enforcement Support Team is here to assist you during times of transition. Whether your business is in crisis, or you require an Interim Manager to cover sudden leave or departure, we can help. We have a team of CQC-expert healthcare professionals we can be at your service within 24 hours, and are experienced in supporting services in difficult circumstances.

Post Inspection Support

We understand that receiving a ‘Requires Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) can be a challenging and stressful experience for healthcare providers. It’s a critical juncture where swift, informed, and proactive action is essential to address the findings and enhance the quality of care provided. That’s where we come in. At The HLTH Group, we specialise in delivering comprehensive post-inspection support tailored to the unique needs of healthcare providers.

Notice of Proposal Support

At HLTH Group, we understand that receiving a ‘Notice of Proposal’ from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is an alarming and high-stakes situation for healthcare providers. It is a critical juncture that demands immediate, comprehensive, and proactive action. At the HLTH Group, we are here to provide specialised support tailored to the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers in such circumstances.

Special Measures Support

If you are a healthcare provider, receiving a ‘Special Measures’ designation from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a critical situation that requires a proactive, expert response. It signifies that a healthcare provider has fallen below the threshold of acceptable quality, and the consequences of inaction can be severe. At HLTH Group, we understand the gravity of this situation and are here to provide specialised support.

Crisis Turnaround Support

CQC Crisis Turnaround is the improvement of a service for organisations that have run into problems, resulting in an inadequate CQC rating or CQC enforcement action. These problems need to be resolved quickly and effectively so the company can continue to run and provide care for any patients currently under their care. At HLTH Group, we support providers requiring urgent assistance, guidance and hands-on support, and we can have experts on-site with you within 24 hours.

The HLTH Group is the compliance home for healthcare providers who are regulated by the CQC

We offer a comprehensive suite of CQC solutions, designed to ensure that CQC-regulated providers are supported from the start of their journey. Our clinically led team provide support in all areas such as CQC software, executive recruitment, HR support, nationwide CQC training events, as well as with additional compliance solutions. Reacting positively and proactively to a recent, disappointing CQC inspection is important, as we can support with the implementation of CQC compliance software, CQC inspection checklists, evidence collection for CQC KLOEs, and put in place effective strategies to avoid CQC prosecution. From Registered Manager Recruitment, to Interim CQC Management, to working collaboratively with CQC solicitors, we offer comprehensive services designed to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to explore how our comprehensive CQC Compliance Support can transform your healthcare provider.


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The HLTH Group.

Our Companies & Services.

We have a suite of healthcare HR and compliance services delivered through our multi-faceted departments, each of which provide industry-leading compliance services for CQC-regulated providers. Find out more about them below.

At HLTH HR we provide purpose-built HR software and expert support to healthcare providers nationwide, ensuring they successfully optimise their management of staff and HR processes. HLTH HR provides the expert support you need to remain legally compliant with your obligations as an employer. Supported by our HLTH Manage software system, you can manage your staff more easily, and improve employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

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We specialise in finding highly skilled, compliant professionals for a wide range of roles within Healthcare, Adult Social Care, and Medical Services. We believe the success of healthcare services begins with their staff, and at HLTH Group we are industry-leading experts in interim management and permanent healthcare recruitment. Learn more by clicking below.

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HLTH Manage is the UK’s leading CQC Compliance Software. The system is an innovative software solution that ensures providers are one step ahead of CQC requirements via our state-of-the-art system and the support provided by a team of compliance experts – ensuring that we offer holistic, tech-enabled solutions. Learn more by clicking below.

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