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Quality Statements Online Workshops

The New CQC Framework: Quality Statements Online Workshops

Prepare for the new Single Assessment Framework with our CQC Quality Statement Workshops, taking place via MS Teams in December 2023 and January 2024. The 2.5 hour course will prepare you for the new CQC Quality Statements across the 5 Key Question areas. 

The CQC Quality Statements present all healthcare providers with a new approach to regulation that requires a new mindset. In these online workshops, we will look at the Single Assessment Framework, what the new standards are, and how your organisation will be assessed on a practical basis, and we will discuss how to prepare for CQC inspection in terms of staff preparation and evidence collection.

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What You Can Expect

▢ An insight into the New CQC Framework and the Quality Statements across the 5 Key Questions.
▢ In-depth training delivered by Tony Carlin, the UK’s leading CQC compliance trainer and advisor.
▢ An understanding of the practical implications of the Quality Statements.
▢ Guidance on preparing for inspection under the New CQC Framework.
▢ Advise on Evidence Collation and Staff Preparation for the Quality Statements.
▢ Resources and materials related to the course.
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HLTH Training are the UK’s leading provider of healthcare compliance training, providing CQC training online and at a variety of venues across the UK. HLTH Training have delivered over 100+ courses on the New CQC Framework, preparing thousands of health and social care providers for the upcoming CQC changes. These courses will be delivered by Tony Carlin, our Head of Training and an experienced Registered Nurse, who is widely considered to be the UK’s leading CQC compliance trainer and advisor.


All courses are CPD-accredited and are delivered via MS Teams, and the associated resources and materials will be included within the course booking. These will include a high-res PDF document of each of the Quality Statements, produced by our HLTH Group team based on the new CQC framework and optimised for printing.

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