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Crisis Management Turnaround: What Is It and How Can We Help?

Working in the healthcare sector means your team must be ready to perform to high standards at all times: the people in your care rely on your services every day. Even if your organisation has a great team of staff to hand, circumstances can change at any moment leaving you and your service in crisis.

At HLTH Group, we support healthcare providers who have received a low Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating to improve the level of care that they deliver to their patients and to improve their CQC rating.

We achieve this by sourcing exceptional interim management support and additional healthcare staff to work within your organisation to implement necessary changes and improvements.

What Is Crisis Management Turnaround?

Crisis turnaround is the improvement of a service for organisations that have run into problems, resulting in an inadequate CQC rating. These problems need to be resolved quickly and effectively so the company can continue to run and provide care for any patients currently under their care.

AT HLTH Group, we offer leading crisis management turnaround support for organisations nationwide. This includes providing expert managerial support for services struggling due to staff vacancies. It also involves the development of an action plan for all staff to resolve any major issues – implemented by the exceptional interim leadership and staff we recruit.

When Is Crisis Management Turnaround Needed in Healthcare?

In healthcare, crisis management turnaround is needed if a company has been given a low CQC rating and has experienced subsequent action because of this. The CQC have the right to inspect healthcare services and enforce action if the services do not meet their standards of care.

After giving out a bad rating, the CQC give companies time to try and improve the services they provide to patients. This window of time is often just enough for a crisis management turnaround team to act and resolve the big problems that caused the healthcare company to receive a low CQC rating. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through recruiting talented management and clinical staff members to work within your team.

How Can HLTH Group Help?

We can offer you industry leading support and guidance, sourcing exceptional interim support managers and clinical staff with the expertise and skill to get you out of your crisis. This means when the CQC review your service, you can show the steps you are taking to improve your services.

Victoria, our Clinical Head of Compliance Interims, is a former CQC Inspector so knows exactly how sourcing the right staff can improve your crisis situation and allow you to quickly turn things around. Learn more about her in this blog post.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you and your provider.