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How to be a CQC-ready clinic

If you’re planning to open your clinic and register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) it’s likely that you feel you’re drowning in all regulatory requirements. The CQC regulates and monitors all clinics offering services falling under regulatory scope and clinics are required to register for this service.

Validation from the CQC is an indication that clinics can meet required quality standards and that they are safe for all patients. After registration, the CQC publishes details of each clinic, along with their findings and the rating that has been achieved, and this can help members of the public make decisions on which clinic to attend for any required services.

At the HLTH Group, we offer a suite of CQC solutions – and are led by a team of compliance experts – that are designed to ensure an all-in-one solution for your compliance.

Requirements for clinics wanting to register with the CQC

A variety of requirements are in place for clinics wanting to register with CQC, and they need to meet or exceed regulations such as the Care Quality Commission Regulations of 2009 and the Health and Social Care Act of 2008 as amended in 2014. Registering your clinic with the CQC can be a challenging process, which is the reason the HLTH Group is on hand to help.

What we do

When you opt to partner with the HLTH Group we can talk you through the entire process of ensuring you are CQC compliant and can help navigate the regulations you need to meet. This preparation ensures your clinic is ready and prepared for your CQC inspection. Our team have a deep understanding of all compliance needs, and can steer you through the process in the swiftest possible fashion.

One of our first tasks is evaluating your clinic to identify which areas will need improvement, and you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing all the aspects you need to work on. We appreciate just how important it is to achieve CQC compliance, and our inspectors can help ensure all your services and treatments are provided at just the right level to meet all regulatory requirements.

If you’re seeking the compliance solutions offered by the HLTH Group, we know just what’s needed for compliance with all regulations.