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Implementing patient-focused care at your healthcare provider

What is patient-focused care?

Patient-focused care is a principle which puts the patient at the heart of their care, allowing them to make decisions and feel in control. It can create a positive, collaborative environment where patients feel valued and comfortable. In any healthcare provider, patient-focused care can make patients feel like they really well looked after, and that what they want is a high priority. This is also an important factor when it comes to CQC inspections, as it demonstrates your commitment to continuously improving your healthcare providers.

Listening to your patients

To offer outstanding care, it is important that you listen to your patients and encourage them to be actively involved in their care. You can do this in several ways, including asking patients what they would like to change and what could be improved for them. This can be difficult in certain settings, so make sure you have other ways of involving patients in their care. Other ways of implementing patient-focused care include involving the patient and their family in the planning process.

Implementing changes

It’s also vital that you really do take their feedback on board and make positive changes in your care home. Make sure that you tell patients about any changes, and you could also keep a record of this on the wall for everyone to see, in a ‘you said, we did’ format. This can encourage more patients to get involved as they know their opinions matter. You can also schedule in one to one time with patients and staff so they can engage in a positive discussion about their care.

CQC guidance

At the HLTH Group, we believe that every healthcare provider can provide exceptional care, but sometimes you might need a little help. Our CQC experts are here to help you with all aspects of your healthcare provider so when the time for a CQC inspection comes around, you’re already providing outstanding care and meeting the highest standards.