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Labour’s Health Strategy Will Rely on Private Healthcare Providers

The new Labour government’s manifesto sets a clear and ambitious path to address the biggest crisis in NHS history. By focusing on the fundamentals and implementing long-term, practical steps, Labour aims to reduce NHS waiting times, work efficiently through the backlog and improve overall patient care. This approach not only revives effective strategies from the past but also introduces innovative solutions that can benefit both public and private healthcare providers.

One of the key elements of Labour’s plan is the utilisation of capacity in the private sector. This strategic move aims to reduce waiting times, cut the NHS backlog and ensure quicker patient treatment. For new health and social care providers, this presents a significant opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the government’s health initiatives.

At HLTH Group, we support new providers entering the health and social care sector – with everything from CQC registration, healthcare training, CQC software and e-learning, bespoke policies and procedures, HR, Health & Safety, and much more. We exist to help healthcare providers navigate the complexities of Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliance. Our expertise ensures that your organisation not only meets regulatory standards but excels in delivering high-quality care.

If you would like to organise a consultation with our Compliance team to discuss your new healthcare provider, this can be booked here.

Good News For New Providers

The Labour government has a proven track record of reducing waiting times by leveraging the private sector, increasing staff numbers, and spreading best practices across the board. By building on these successes, Labour is setting the stage for a more efficient and responsive healthcare system. As a new provider, aligning with these proven strategies can position you for success.

Leveraging Private Sector Capacity

Labour’s commitment to using spare capacity in the independent sector is a game-changer for private healthcare providers. This approach will not only helps reduce waiting times, and cut the wider NHS backlog, but also integrates private services into the broader healthcare ecosystem. At HLTH Group, we can help you identify and optimise your spare capacity, ensuring you are well-positioned to meet the growing demand.

Ensuring Compliance and Excellence

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be challenging, but it is crucial for providing safe and effective care. HLTH Group specialises in helping new providers achieve CQC compliance. Our HLTH Manage software streamlines compliance processes, modernising your operations and ensuring you meet the highest standards of care. With our support in health and safety, HR, and beyond, you can focus on delivering exceptional patient outcomes.

Embracing Modernisation

The healthcare sector is continuously evolving, and modernisation is key to staying ahead. Labour’s focus on practical, long-term solutions aligns with our commitment to innovation. At HLTH Group, we have developed our HLTH Manage software to help you stay compliant while embracing modern practices that improve compliance evidencing, staff and HR management, efficiency and patient care.

Going Forward

Labour’s manifesto brings a renewed focus on practical, long-term solutions to address the challenges facing the NHS. For new health and social care providers, this presents an opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming the healthcare system. HLTH Group is here to support you every step of the way, from achieving CQC compliance to modernising your operations and ensuring comprehensive support across all areas of your business.

If you are a new provider looking to enter the health and social care sector, then the HLTH Group are here to ensure you are compliant, safe and successful – and we support across your journey, from CQC registration to long-term compliance, HR and Health & Safety support.

Our team are available on 0161 241 3163 (Manchester Office), 020 0890 5346 (London Office) or on If you would like to organise a consultation with our Compliance team to discuss your new healthcare provider, this can be booked here.