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Need Interim or Crisis Management CQC Support?

Working in the healthcare sector can be stressful at the best of times but never more so than when your organisation finds itself in a challenging situation. Fortunately, expert help is on-hand to help guide you through the most difficult of times. At the HLTH Group, our Resourcing team specialise in finding interim and crisis managers, with a network of highly-qualified and experienced professionals ready for your organisation.

Why you might need interim and crisis management

Perhaps your business has been placed in special measures by the CQC or your registered manager has resigned, leaving you with no replacement and no way of remaining compliant with Care Quality Commission requirements.

You may be under great pressure to come up with an effective plan for moving forward and need to deploy this quickly, but with limited resources and everyday demands, this may seem like an impossible task. This is where the specialist interim and crisis management offered by the HLTH Group can be of business-saving benefit.

If you need to ensure that your operation’s plan is compliant, strong and serving the users of your service in the right way, then specialist crisis management is the safest solution. Whether you are running a domiciliary or home care service, a supported living facility or a care home, getting help from specialist and experienced consultants or managers can be invaluable when it comes to creating a proactive and effective plan for the future.

How interim and crisis management could help you

There are many benefits to obtaining specialist interim and crisis management assistance, ranging from maintaining compliance with CQC policies and procedures to minimising stress for you. Some of the major reasons why people opt for professional help include:

Speed – Professional interim crisis management can help you to solve issues quickly and effectively. This could include making sure that you have a registered manager in place or looking at the main concerns that need to be addressed first in order to get your business out of special measures.

Reacting quickly and efficiently to issues can also be key to maintaining your business’ reputation. In the future, you may be judged on how well your company reacted to a problem, rather than on the problem itself.

Consistency – Finding your business without a manager can make it feel like it has been left in limbo, but having a professional interim manager ready and able to immediately fill the void can ensure consistency for service users and other members of staff.

Long-term benefits – This type of service is not just beneficial when it comes to satisfying long-term aims. In the long-run, you can benefit from seeing your business not only meet the requirements of CQC policies and procedures but surpassing them. This can result in you offering outstanding provision to your service users.