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Online content ideas for Dentistry

Dental blogs are becoming increasingly important, not just because of their SEO value. Patients want to learn about dental-related topics from you directly, instead of going via third-party websites.

This means that it is more important than ever before for dentists to write great content. But what should your dental blog actually cover? Here’s our advice as a healthcare marketing agency:

Cosmetic procedure explanations

Don’t assume that patients know what “all-on-four” or “Invisalign” actually means. Most of them won’t. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have blogs on your website covering all of your cosmetic services, explaining what each does in detail. You might also want blogs on treatments you don’t offer, explaining why yours are better.

Meet the team

You’ll also want articles written on individual members of staff, their experience, and what they bring to your clinic. The goal of these posts should be to make your team appear as qualified, competent and approachable as possible. Write in a way that reduces patients’ fears and helps them get to know your people more personally.

Dental problems and symptoms

While some patients will show up at your clinic like clockwork every six months, many will only visit if they have dental problems or symptoms. Given the size of this market, creating content that caters to them makes a lot of sense. You’ll want to cover topics such as gum disease, cavities, the effect of smoking on oral health, extractions, root canals, and dental cleaning. You can also cover emergency topics, such as what to do if you have a tooth knocked out or how to respond to extreme dental pain.

Service descriptions

Some dentists also write blogs that double as service descriptions. The aim of these is to give patients more of an idea of what to expect if they come to your clinic for, say, a root canal.

Preventative measures

Lastly, you’ll want some posts on how patients can help keep their mouths healthy and ensure the success of treatment. Blogs on eating the right type of food, avoiding sugar, and proper implant care can all be extremely beneficial.