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What are the CQC requirements for private GP clinics?

Do I need to register my private GP service separately?

In order to engage in private GP services, it may be necessary to complete the registration process with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It’s important to note that there are specific exemptions to this registration requirement, which consider various factors including the nature and location of your practice.

For those operating within the National Health Service (NHS) while delivering private GP services, there is an avenue to explore potential exemption from CQC regulations. To assist in navigating this process effectively, a valuable resource is available in the form of the NHS’s decision tool titled ‘Registration Exemption for Independent Medical Practitioners Working in Private Practice.’ This tool can provide detailed guidance and clarification regarding your specific situation.

Establishing a Private GP Practice

When embarking on the journey of setting up your private GP practice, it is imperative to initiate the registration process with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and anticipate regular inspections. Should you have any inquiries during this process, the CQC provides valuable pre-application guidance.

Employment in a Private GP Practice

If you are considering working within a private GP practice under practice privileges within a larger organization, the provision of CQC registration may vary among different entities. It is advisable to verify this aspect with the respective organization before commencing your employment.

Registering Your Private GP Service

To initiate the registration of your private GP services with the CQC, you must apply via their official website. Please note that the CQC exclusively accepts applications through digital means and does not accept postal submissions.

You can choose to utilize the provider portal or forward all
your completed application forms and accompanying documents via email. It is
worth noting that the application submission process may take approximately 8
hours, so ensure that you allocate ample time for this crucial step.

Moreover, the CQC offers an expedited application option in
cases where your service plays a critical role in augmenting capacity within
the health and social care system or supporting recovery efforts.

The CQC also offer urgent applications if your service is
critical to increasing the capacity in the health and social care system or
supporting recovery.

It some specific instances, you may be exempt from needing
to register with the CQC. You can find out if the exemptions apply to you by clicking
these helpful links…


CQC guidance for independent doctors