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Received a CQC enforcement notice?

Every healthcare service sets out striving to offer the best service possible. But, sometimes, standards can slip without anyone realising. This can be due to a number of factors. Whatever the cause, it’s important those issues are rectified. An enforcement action can be a daunting prospect, but what should you be doing about it?

At the HLTH Group, we specialise in Crisis Turnaround Support and Interim CQC Management, along with a number of other support areas.

What is an enforcement action?

An enforcement action is an official notice of required action, filed by the CQC (Care Quality Commission). This is generally as a result of a CQC inspection. In a nutshell, it means deviations have been found from established care standards, and your service is on notice to rectify them before further action or penalties result.

What should you do about it?

The first thing to do is contact the HLTH Group. We can help you to better understand the nature of your enforcement notice, and then advise you on the best ways to rectify the highlighted issues. We will first begin by making sure you’re aware of CQC policies and procedures – the first step to compliance is knowing the guidelines.

We can then help you through a series of practical steps to ensure your organisation is brought back up to code. This can be through anything from giving you advice on best practice to deal with a specific issue, through to even staging a mock CQC inspection to ensure you will be able to pass. Our service is designed to help you understand where standards have slipped, why it has happened, and exactly what you can do to rectify the issue. With our team’s help, you can find your way back to providing truly outstanding service every day.

Have you been served an enforcement notice?

If you have been served an enforcement notice, or you would like to make sure your organisation is going to pass an upcoming inspection, the HLTH Group can help you. Our dedicated team of professionals have an extensive understanding of CQC procedures and guidelines and can provide you with practical and effective advice.

The best way to avoid enforcement action is to ensure you are aware of inspection guidelines in advance. Contact the HLTH Group today for more information.