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Thinking about setting up a care home?

Establishing a successful care home can be incredibly beneficial to society and stakeholders, but it does come with a lot of responsibility and hard work. To offer a helping hand when starting a care home, we’re going to take a look at what it takes to get one up and running successfully.

Is running a care home right for you?

Care homes can be tremendously rewarding to run, but there are a lot of responsibilities, ethical concerns and regulations to deal with. It’s no surprise that looking after people in their twilight years is a serious commitment, so you should consider if you are the right person for that task.

Care homes should, ideally, be a passion project and not something to turn a profit on. With compassionate care, patience and understanding acting as pillars for what a good care home should be, profit margins should rarely come into the debate.

Consider a care home business plan?

Outlining how you intend to set up your care home is a vital step to ensuring its success. Consider the following for your care home business plan:

– Objectives: what do you aim to accomplish with your care home?
– Mission: how do you intend to create a successful care home?
– Overheads: try to come up with a rough guide for where finances will be directed
– Staffing: consider what staff you will need and where you will recruit them

These are starting off points, but in reality, your business plan will flesh out as you develop the ideas surrounding your care home.

Ensure your care home is compliant

Care homes need to maintain compliance with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in order to fulfil their duties as health providers. Failing to do so puts your care home at risk of financial penalties or in extreme cases, closure.

Thankfully, maintaining compliance from the beginning can make this much easier. There are also many platforms designed to help care homes attain compliance, such as the services offered by the HLTH Group.

If you’re looking to set up a care home, it’s absolutely vital that you go into this venture as prepared as possible. If you have any questions related to compliance for your care home, contact us at HLTH Group today.