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Why is Compliance Software Essential for my Healthcare Business?

With the CQC’s New Single Assessment Framework launching in 2023, using compliance software ensures your service remains Safe and Well-Led under the sizeable regulatory changes. iBenchmark CQC Compliance Software is expertly positioned to prepare you for success under the New Framework, developing ahead of the New Strategy launch to ensure you are compliant and ready for inspection in line with the changes.

Furthermore, as a healthcare provider you will have a large amount of digital information to keep track of, manage, and attempt to use productively. This is almost impossible to do safely without a dedicated software program. iBenchmark Compliance System provides that increasingly necessary solution for managing your staff, documents, and evidence – as well as ensuring you fully understand and are prepared for success under the CQC’s New Single Assessment Framework.

See below just some of the key benefits of healthcare compliance software.

  • Eliminate different systems

Many healthcare organisations find that their different departments and sites are all using different systems and software applications. Not only is this inefficient, but it also leaves room for error, miscommunication, and confusion when staff are absent or working in a different location.

Investing in one solution to use across all your departments is the best way to streamline your processes. This ensures you are a service that is Well-Led and Effective, as well as making the day-to-day operation of your staff more straightforward.

  • Ensure compliance under the CQC’s New Single Assessment Framework

iBenchmark is developing ahead of the New Strategy launch to ensure you can evidence compliance in line with the regulatory changes taking place at the CQC.

The system will prompt you on exactly what documents and evidence the CQC will look for under the new “I” and “We” statements, allowing you to prepare this ahead of inspection to achieve success on the day. iBenchmark supports you completely to prepare for the significant regulatory body changes taking place, taking the worry away.

  • Document control and central management

iBenchmark is a central hub where you can access and manage important documents and information. For instance, you can upload your policies and procedures, staff information, evidence of compliance, and formal documentation – with an option to select which staff have access to which information.

This means you can control your documents and ensure they are easily accessible to the people who need them – whether that’s confidential staff data for your management team, or your policy on Accident and Incident Management for staff on the ground. The CQC will look to see that you have a straightforward data management system in place – iBenchmark provides this.

  • Manage your staff and training

You can use the HR tool on iBenchmark compliance software to manage your staff and store all their documents (i.e. certificates, references) from interview onwards.

The system also ensures your full workforce are up to date on all areas of training. You can bespoke the HR tool to include all the training modules your organisation requires from your staff, and track this via your intuitive, simple-view training matrix board.

  • Be prepared for CQC inspection

iBenchmark compliance software allows you to store and share evidence electronically, meaning you are prepared for the CQC’s shifting focus to remote inspection and audit (with less on-site inspections).

As the CQC place increased emphasis on digital healthcare and compliance solutions, iBenchmark provides you with the leading online compliance system you need.

Contact us today for a free trial and demo of the system to see how iBenchmark can support you.